JoAnn Jarolmen, Ph.D., MSW, LCSW


Dr. Jarolmen, psychotherapist has extended her practice to include Culinary Therapy.

It addresses:

  • A person’s personal, cultural and familial relationship with food to address emotional and psychological factors
  • Can be done with individuals, family and groups
  • Is inclusive of talk therapy but engages people in a relaxed and homey environment

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• Self-efficiecy • Social interaction • Positive mood • Self confidence • Self-esteem in children, adolescents and adults • Alleviates anxiety and depression

Who can this help:

• Families with chronic interpersonal issues • Bereavement/grief laden clients • Team members in need of cohesion • Individuals experiencing stress, anxiety, other clinical issues

The Mindfulness Component:

• Enhances positive experiences • Cultivates awareness and flexibility/view circumstances realistically • Reduces mental chatter • Provides clarity for problem-solving • Enhances ability to direct attention and focus